Together, we can

Create a better world.

Who we are?

An independent non-profit nongovernmental organization, aimed at presenting aid and maintaining the skills of the the various sectors of the civil society, especially women and children, and people with disabilities (people of determination).

What we do

We plan and organize workshops that help people build skills, and provide the means for them to market and sell their work through international exhibitions, so they can be productive members of society.

We seek those in need

Especially women without aid (widowed, divorced, orphaned, etc…) and people with disabilities (people of determination

We train & educate

By creating workshops and training programs in various sectors              (fine arts, sewing, cooking, hand crafts, etc…)

We establish exhibits

Where such people can market their skills and products so they can generate their own income.


We provide aid

Thanks to individual initiatives and donations collected at the end of each exhibit.


Some numbers we have

We have coordinators across 22 countries, the thing that facilitates our flexibility and provides the basis for our global bias towards what’s good for man. This has of course helped us launch exhibits in 11 countries and establish a huge network of volunteers.

Countries where our network spans
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International Coordinators
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Worldwide Volunteers
Our Partners
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