What we do

We help underprivileged people reach their potential and present aid to those in need

We run educational programs and workshops for women, as well as training programs for people with disabilities. We create exhibits in an attempt to help all groups we support to market and sell their work, and to raise funds to be dedicated to presenting aid through distributing food portions and medical assistance to refugee camps and people under the poverty line.

We find those in need

Especially women without aid (widowed, divorced, orphaned, etc… ) and people with disabilities (people of determination).

We train & educate

By creating workshops and training programs in various sectors(fine arts, sewing, cooking, hand crafts etc…)

We establish exhibits

Where such people can market their skills and products so they can generate their own income.

We provide aid

Thanks to individual initiatives and donations collected at the end of each exhibit.

We don't seek profit

Under the goal of reaching a better world, we work with the soul purpose of maximizing the good that we’re capable of doing.

We Strengthen

We believe that education, and employment gives people an inner strength to lead a better life.

Some of the work we've done

Free Sewing Courses

On 9/2/2022, the Women’s Committee of the International Pioneers of Good Organization held a free sewing course

Free Painting Workshop

On August 19, 2022, the Pioneers of Goodness Women’s Committee held a free course to teach painting in its main center, to be followed by free courses to teach sewing, drawing on glass, wood and crochet

Decoupage Workshop

On 08/17/ 2022, the Women’s Committee of the International Pioneers of Good Organization held a free training course for Decoupage

Free Crochet Workshop

On May 13, 2022, free courses for sewing and crochet were run by the Women’s Committees in Pioneers of Good International

Mother's Day

On March 19, 2022, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and on the initiative of the Director General of Pioneers of Goodness International, Ms. Manar Qabbani, and in the presence of some friends, a number of gifts were distributed.

Free Workshop For Women

On 2/12/2022 Women’s Committee Pioneers of Good International Free course to train crochet handicrafts, good luck

Food Portions distributed

We have distributed around 5000T of food and medicine to refugee camps across Lebanon

Iftars and gatherings

We organized several gatherings and Iftars for refugees and underprivileged people in Beqaa camps as well as in Beirut for Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian families.

People of determination

We worked with people with disabilities extensively by dedicating sections in International exhibits for them to market their work. As well as online exhibits and much more…

Children and education

We created small educational centers for children unable to attend schools.

Gifts & Dinners for Orphans

Gifts and meals for orphans on a regular basis.

Giving a hand to women

Our committee in charge of women and children meets on a weekly basis at our offices and create workshops for training women on sewing and other handcrafts in order for them to be able to provide for themselves.

The empowerment of women

We created an exhibit in Turkey dedicated for the empowerment of women

Future projects

Student Solidarity Program

We aim to help students with university’s tuition fees.

Orphans Solidarity Program

An initiative to allow people to donate an pay for the expenses of orphans.

Orphanage and Literacy Center

Aims to reform the community and a new highly moral generation

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