Beqaa free course

On May 17, 2023, awareness courses were conducted for families to reduce the phenomenon of physical and psychological exploitation and to educate them on how to deal with the widespread issue of begging in all regions, as well as protecting children from this dangerous phenomenon. Parents were also educated about how to handle earthquakes and how to deal with the situation as best as possible. Special thanks and appreciation to all the teachers, professors, and volunteers who contributed to this humanitarian work. May you continue to be pioneers of goodness. Furthermore, the International Pioneers of Goodness organized free courses to educate children in the presence of parents who are unable to pay school fees due to the current situation in the country, specifically in the Baalbek Governorate. A heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the volunteers, coordinators, teachers, and professors who dedicated their time for free, ensuring that the academic year is not lost for the children. You have our utmost respect.
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