The Seven Pillars of Volunteer Work

The International Pioneers of Goodness Organization held a lecture titled “The Seven Pillars of Volunteer Work Sustainability.” The lecture was delivered by Dr. Adel Abdullah, the General Manager and Head of the Advisory Board in the United Arab Emirates.

Approximately 80 individuals from various Arab and Gulf countries, as well as the Arab Maghreb and Turkey, attended the lecture (11 countries).

We thank the UAE Red Crescent (Sharjah Center) for accepting the invitation, the heads of volunteer teams, volunteers, and attendees who participated in the training workshop. We also thank His Excellency Ayman Al Radwan, the president of the Parents Care and Benevolence Organization, for his attendance, as well as the volunteers of the organization.

Special thanks to Dr. Adel Abdullah for the valuable lecture. Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Walid Temsah, the president of the International Pioneers of Goodness Organization, for initiating this lecture.

In conclusion, we extend our gratitude to everyone who attended the lecture and to all those who contributed to the success of this valuable work. The lecture will soon be published on the organization’s YouTube channel.

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