Introduction about participatory science South

On May 25, 2023, in cooperation and coordination with the Geneva Forum at the United Nations (Objectif Sciences International) and Good Will International, a joint training workshop was conducted in the South Governorate. The workshop focused on global collaborative sciences and how to apply them in real life, benefiting individuals of all ages. The aim was to exchange useful information and ideas for the benefit of society, emphasizing that these ideas should not be limited to specific individuals. If you have an idea or advice that can contribute to improving society or individuals, feel free to share it. It may help people in need. The workshop was supervised by lawyer Chris Najem, a women’s and children’s rights lawyer and the head of the Volunteers Committee in the South. It was attended by Mrs. Manar Qabbani, the General Director, Mrs. Lina Tamsah, representing the Women’s Committee, and the presence of volunteers. The importance of intensifying awareness campaigns was emphasized. Stay the pioneers of goodness.

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